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Every once in awhile, we run fun promotions in our Facebook group, Floral and Pine! I know there are a lot of you who are not on Facebook, so I made this landing page just so you can participate! :D

This month, we brought back the 500 Club!! Once you're 'in the 500 club,' that will automatically enter you to win 3 months of house cleaning! YES, 3 months!

Here's how you become a 500 club member:

Your OGV needs to equal 500. That number can come from your order plus anyone you refer! 

Here's where you find your OGV:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 2.34.31 PM.jpg

Your order + any enrollments = 500 OGV means you're in the club!

That could be you ordering 100 PV and getting 4 referrals!

It could be you ordering 300 PV and getting 2 referrals!

It could be you ordering 500 PV! 

Totally up to you. 

Once you're in the 500 club, MESSAGE me using the form below so I can get you entered! 

If you think referring people to oils is's not! You've likely been using your oils for a WHILE and there are likely oils and products that you LOVE! You just need to tell people about those oils and products. You could also post online about WHY you even bought a starter kit in the first place!!


Thanks for submitting!

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