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Well, Young Living just released an AMAZING contest!! It's a level playing field and you have every chance to win!! 


The contest is called Dream 1000!


The objective is to get as many points as possible!


How you get points:


1 point = use your referral link and have someone order a starter kit

3 points = get your enrollments on essential rewards with 100 pv order

5 points = get one of the people you enrolled to rank up! If you aren't doing the business, that's ok!! It will automatically happen, and this is something I will help you with.


When you reach 20 points, you'll get a wooden oils box with blue tansy, harmony and black spruce!!!!!!


When you reach 30 points you get those oils plus ROSE oil!!


When you reach 40 points you get all those plus frankincense, jasmine, royal hawaiian sandalwood, melissa and the new oil - Australian Ericifolia!


AND THEN...the top 1,000 on the scoreboard get prizes beyond those. Free Ningxia for a YEAR...a Select 30 oils collection....and education!


If you end up in the top 250, you’ll get 4 nights in Hawaii for you and a guest, and a whole experience at the sandalwood farm in Hawaii!!!


250 people is a LOT so it's doable. It really is. and it's a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD meaning the points you earn don't really affect the people above you. So you have every chance to win. 


I'm going for it. If you're wanting to try for it -- EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT DOING THIS AS A BUSINESS, I'm going to help as many people as I can to get those points. So I'd love to help you brainstorm on how to get points. All those oils? Worth $1,000. That alone makes this worth the work!!

Just message me and lets get you some free oils and a trip to Hawaii!! Worth a shot, right?!
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